Good Friday at the FOX theatre.

This year (beside getting back in shape…)I told myself to focus on studying/reviewing and get back to the allied health Physical Therapy field — and occasionally play for worship services when asked. Little did I know that I would be playing all over the place (which is an amazing blessing because I love praise and being part of the worship experience; don’t get me wrong. :P)

The irony, though, is playing christian songs that I’m not really accustomed to. I grew up listening to hymns and classic praise worship songs; then transitioning to gospel. CCM (contemporary christian music) is a TOTALLY different playing style. My freedom of playing out of the box is definitely limited, unlike gospel music; where the more you play out of what’s written (as long as it’s still singable) the more meaningful it seems to be.

…so it should be easier for me to play CCM worship songs because its only got a maximum of 4 to 5 chords right?
NOPE! haha.

For the past 4-5 months i’ve realized, it’s not necessarily the chord that the keyboard plays, but the type of sound: traditional piano - or warm pad - or strings - or even some bright synth lead. As long I don’t get between another musician in the band.Β 

Here is a vid (don’t mind me goofing faces with KC, the wonderdrummer, we were on the same page, “feelin’” the worship service) and if you can take out the keys, it wouldn’t make a big of a difference - but when you incorporate it well; it really creates a powerful atmosphere that create a beautiful layer throughout the band.

I’m definitely still learning all this piano/pad/synth/strings/b3(lol) and it takes a lot of patience. You could hear my jazz chops sort of come out and a few gospel progressions when I have some breathing room to ‘noodle’. lol.

I’ve still got a lot to learn; but ultimately my goal is to blend both worlds of worship style.

Here’s another, and may I add, new church that I occasionally play at in the FOX theatre.

Be Blessed. :)

Shoutouts to the bro AJ for letting me use his cute red keyboard. lol. It’s seriously RAD.


If this was smellstragram instead and I smellstagrammed that logo, you’d still know where id be. πŸ‘πŸ’ƒ


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β€œI also thought it was important to demonstrate the value of full scale iteration in architectural education. There are too many architecture students who don’t understand basic physical limitations of materials or how they can be joined. This project was a way to show how building a small structure with simple detailing can be more valuable than drawing a complex project that is theoretical and poorly understood. I think we need more making in architecture!”

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Birthday gift from @janeyle πŸ˜ƒ. Always getting the coolest presents from her since. πŸ‘ thank you! #childhood #neighbors

A few days late, but thanks for the birthday greetings last Sunday. Hooray for birthdays! Lol.

My bday present for Stacy- nosebleed clipper tickets. Her bday present for me- drive to LA. Lol. Happy Bday to us! πŸŽ‚

Bday heart cards from the niece and nephew. :) πŸŽ‚

After party!!